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The band Alhena are: Marta Bejma (vocals), Piotr Kowalski (keyboards), Tomasz Bogulski (guitars), Piotr Grugel (drums) and Patryk Durko (bass).

Marta Bejma

Tomasz Bogulski

Piotr Kowalski

Piotr Grugel

Patryk Durko

The group was formed in January 2010 in Bydgoszcz as a realization of passions for making own music visions by people who met shortly after leaving previous music groups. It was found by: Piotr Kowalski, Tomasz Bogulski, Piotr Grugel and then-bassist Robert Puk. After a few months of looking for a vocalist, Katarzyna Dziemianowiczbecame a member of the group. Then, Tadeusz Kołecki took Robert's place on the bass guitar. In such a make-up the group began intensive work on composing material. It resulted in an EP, on which five tracks showed up. The recording took place from July to September 2011 in MG-Studio in Bydgoszcz under Marcina Grzella's supervision.

After a few concerts promoting the recorded material, warm reception from the audience and many favorable opinions in the media, both local and foreign, the group decided to start working on the material for their debut album.

In March 2011, after almost two years of working together, Katarzyna Dziemianowicz decided left the band. The missing link was filled by Natalia Bassak, who became a member of the band in the same month. Then, on September 2012, Tadeusz Kołecki left the group and on February 2013 this gap was filled with Grzegorz Ostrowski. But it was not the end of changes, because on September 2013 paths of the band and its vocalist Natalii Bassak has diverged. Also on September, the wanted "fifth element", Marta Bejma appeared. In the following line-up Alhena continues its activity working on a new material and playing numerous concerts. Unfortunately, in November 2014 the band and Grzegorz Ostrowski parted ways. Already planned concerts were guest supported on bass by Jędrzej Kołecki. In the meantime, the band started long-planned recording session, registering material for the debut longplay. The record making was conducted again by Marcin Grzella. After the break in concerting activity connected, among others, by recording session, Tadeusz Kołecki flocked to our case again for some time. However, in November 2015 the vocalist, Marta Bejma, left Alhena. Still, despite this fact, she supported the band both on concerts and in the studio. After many long-lasting whirlwinds, in September 2016 the bassist, Patryk Durko, joined Alhena and in July 2017 Marta finished working in the recording studio. She also decided to become the part of our band again. Thus, after numerous personal perturbations, the band’s squad is finally becoming stable.

Similar thinking and hearing, together with various fascinations and life experiences have resulted into present form of music expression. In our opinion, such expression might be interesting for people who look for compositions with their own, unique form. This is the reason why we don't want to call the kind of music we make unequivocally. We are leaving it up to the receivers.

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