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We are honored and pleased to introduce you to our new music video! 🙂 This is a very spectacular production that will presage the upcoming album, which will be released this semester!


And how do you like it? 🙂

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To make for everyone waiting for the upcoming album a little bit more pleasant, we decided to publish one of the promotional songs for general listening! 🙂 Therefore, ladies and gentelmen, meet "Like a Doll"!

This is the second, after previously presented in the form of drumcam, the self-titled "Alhena" single from the upcoming album! 🙂

HOW DO YOU LIKE IT 🙂 Because we like it a lot!!!! 😉

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There is exactly one week left to the 12th Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival in Torun. However, today we want to share some information with you. Namely, the premiere of the single announcing our upcoming album will take place at this festival! 🙂

A compact disc will be available for purchase at the Festival immediately after our concert. The number of CDs is limited!

The beginning of the festival is scheduled for 15:00 and Alhena opens the event, so don’t be late! 🙂

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We are pleased to announce that from now on Alhena will be represented by Sandra Sobkowiak! 🙂

Dear Sandra, welcome on board! 😀

Sandra's experience in this type of tasks means that we have no doubts about the fruitfulness of this cooperation, and a woman's hand in organizational matters will introduce a bit of order in this sphere. 😉

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We are hurrying with the news that we will perform at this year's edition of the Blokada Łużyka. It’s an annual festival organized by the Student Government of the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, as part of Juvenal. The event's line-up is constantly revealed by the organizer, therefore visit the event page regularly.

See you there! 🙂

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We are very pleased to annaunce that we will perform at this year's edition of the Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival in Torun. It will be the 12th edition of this festival, organized by the SIN Progres association.

Let us warmly invite you to ariive to this event, where we will perform together with the bands: Votum, Lebowski, Walfad, Starsabout, HellHaven, Ayden, Pinn Dropp, Beyond the Enemnt Horizon.

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As you know, we have recently finished working on our new album. It will take a while before the disc will be available for purchase. But ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ because this Sunday, in the mRock broadcast at Radio Elita Cafe, Agata Pawłowicz lift the veil of secrecy about upcoming album of Alhena.

You can listen to the broadcast >HERE< or >HERE<.

We encourage to listen to Agata's program!

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Work on the upcoming album has been completed. Therefore, we post another preview. The video is known to you, but... Anyway, listen to it yourself! 🙂

Well, how do you like it? Marta stood up to the task, what is not? 😉

As you know, work on mixing material on the forthcoming album is in progress. Everything takes place in Marcin Grzella's MG Studio.

In the meanwhile, we are lifting the veil of secrecy giving you this very early sneak peek. Video was made by Ian Giedrojć .

Well, how do you like it?... 🙂

Several days ago Marta stabbed the last lines of the vocal parts in the studio. And that means all the material on the upcoming album has finally been registered! 🙂 Now everything lies in the hands of our patient sound engineer, Marcin Grzella! 😉

Same, to the delight of many, Marta is re-feeding Alhena's ranks!

Soon the latest news of the progress of the album! Meanwhile, we return to regular rehearsals and composing the new material. It’s high time! 😉

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