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Today, we have two pieces of news for you. As usual, one is good, the other is not?

Let?s start with the good one. This is the fact that Tadeusz Kołecki has joined our band again. To remind everyone, he was the member of Alhena in the beginning of our existence.

Welcome back, Tadeo!

The bad news is that we have said goodbye to our vocalist, Marta Bejma. This happened at a very bad moment for us, as our recording is finally coming to be finished. But, such things happen in life?

Thank you Marta for two years spent together, for your contribution to the band?s activity, our collaboration, concerts and many nice moments! We wish you all the best in all fields of your further activities and developing your passions and talents!

Details soon?

The works on recording the material are slowly moving forward! At the same time we are ready to announce that the recording of the last instrumental parts have just been done! The missing bass tracks came into being thanks to Jędrzej Kołecki from Rain of Claims who - in November - guessed two important concerts with us.


Thus, recording the instrumental part finally came to an end. We are very satisfied with so far effects. But still, there is a lot of work to be done.


After two years of delay (for reasons closer unknown to us) the compilation "Virgines Metallium" is out now! ALHENA was one of the bands participating in this project.

As a reminder, the idea of this compilation appeared at the beginning of 2013 as the initiative of the American label Delinquent Records, originally under the name "Maidens of Metal". You can check out this two-discs release here (samples of all the songs are available). It?s also possible to purchase this compilation - so far only in digital form, but by agreement with the label - the compilation should also appear as physical CDs.

We are in a hurry to announce that recording of the guitar parts in the studio has just come to an end! The guitars sound heavily and predatorilly, giving character and energy to the whole!

Works on the album are in progress, although we have to wait for their fruits for a while. A lot of work is behind us, however, there are at least twice as much before us.

.: ALHENA :.

In the beginning, we wish you all the best for 2015. Let's hope that many good things will happen, which is the wish for both you and ourselves! 🙂

We also promised to report about the progress in the studio. Well, the period of Christmas and New Year's Eve id not very good for hard work. Still, the register of the part of keyboard for all the tracks have been finished! 🙂

Hopefully, the pace of our further work will reach the pace that we assumed. We will try hard to make it happen! 😉

.: ALHENA :.

We have just returned from Krakow! It was a powerful night! 🙂 We are extremely exhausted but very happy! In all this craziness, we would like to thank the organizers of ProGGnozy cycle for inviting and treating us very well, in particular, Sławek Ziemisławski and Piotr Główka! In addition, we thank the guys from The Gate, with whom we had the honor and pleasure to share the stage, Ryszard Kramarski for good word after the concert, Agnieszka Gołdyn-Grugel and Grzegorz Chorus for great photographies and of course Zaścianek Club for great technical support!

Photo: Grzegorz Chorus

But the biggest thanks go to Jędrzej Kołecki who supported us with his sound during the last two concerts supplementing incomplete Alhena lineup! THANKS MAN! THANKS A LOT!!!!

We would also like to send regards to Tadeusz Kołecki (Jędrzej's father and - what is more important - former member of Alhena), who, on that occasion played with us "Trial" - the first song that we composed together! It was nice to play together once again and summarize a certain period in the history of the band.

We also say thank you to all fans of the progressive rock and metal, who came to the concert that evening and supported the ProGGnozy initiative with their presence! We hope we will host in this region in the future!

In the nearest future we are not planning any concerts, because we have to focus on our ongoing recording session. Time starts to urge us, and there is a lot of work to do! We will report to you our further actions, so stay tuned! 🙂

.: ALHENA :.

Last week the recording session of drums took place. This happened in Bydgoszcz MG-Studio. YES, we are recording all our stuff! It's high time! 😉

Behind the console again sat Marcin Grzella who closely supervises the execution of the whole process.

We will regularly keep you informed about the progress of our work!

Recently, there have been some changes in Alhena. First of all, we said goodbye to Grzesiek. Thank you Grzegorz for playing together for almost two years, and we wish you success both in the musical and private life!

However, we would like to reassure, that concerts announced on November will be held as scheduled! There will be a guest instrumentalist with us, Jędrzej Kołecki, a young and talented bassist of Rain of Claims band.

Therefore, we announce a vacancy for the bassist! We are looking for a person with passion, loving music, flexible and likely to get involved in the life of the band. Someone who will become an integral part of Alhena, for whom Alhena will be an important part of life, as it is for us.

We invite people willing to cooperate to contact us for the purpose of the interview.

Soon there will be more news from our camp, because there are many things happening 🙂

On Sunday, November 19th, 2014 between 22:00 and 24:00 UK time our music will visit the British radio station Stafford Radio during the broadcast The Prog Mill, hosted by Shaun Geraghty.

We want to thank Shaun for promoting our music in the UK, and invite you to listen to the broadcast The Prog Mill via the station's website!

After the holiday break we're coming back with a handful of concert announcements! Several events are already confirmed, on several other talks are in progress. The results can be kept up to date here!

We already know that we will host in Nakło alongside Tides from Nebula and our friends Egoistic! We will share the stage together with Closterkeller again, this time in our hometown Bydgoszcz. We will also arrive to Cracow, together with the formation The Gate. And there are indications that this is not all! 🙂

So, follow our news, and in the meantime we are inviting you to the shows! 🙂

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