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We have updated the section Concerts, in which there are two positions. Therefore, we would like to kindly invite you for the upcoming events!

The first one will take place in Grudziadz in the Akcent club, where we will be supporting the Closterkeller band!

The second one will take place in Bydgoszcz, where at The Urban Cultural Centre we will play a common gig with the band Rain of Claims.

Watch carefully section Concerts, because we are planning to expand it with more items! 🙂

Recently we promised you a surprise connected with taking Alhena's singer's place by Marta. So we introduce to you a song that you know from the EPs, but... ...exactly! You surely didn't expect it! 🙂 We hope that making vocals to originally instrumental track is an interesting variety for you!

The new edition of NEMESIS is to listen here:

Enjoy listening, and let us encourage you to leave us your opinion about this song.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to look forward the further news, because Marta's visit in a recording studio was connected with something more. 🙂 Details soon!

We haven't informed you about anything for a very long time, so now it's time for some news. Today (20.11.2013) Marta came into the studio. What did she registered? It will be a little surprise for everybody who follow our doings, and it will be an astonishment for sure! So follow us regularly, because we will discover this card very soon! 🙂

This time we have good news for you! The intensive auditions ongoing for the last time, endless debates and turbulent discussions finally brought the awaited result, and our search of ?the fifth element? has finally completed and crowned with success!

With the greatest proud, joy and sincere hope for the far-reaching cooperation we are announcing that the new vocalist of the band Alhena is Marta Bejma!

At the same time we would like to thank to all candidates who have answered to our advertisement and supported us with their presence on the auditions! Thank you all for your interest in the band Alhena, for your readiness to cooperate with us and for having you so much!

So, let?s get one?s skates on, to realize the prosperity of which were under the question-mark because of the last turn of events. With a bit of luck, we will not even have to shift anything, what gives us extra gladness! Details will reveal in due time, so stay tuned to us as often as possible! 🙂

We have very sad news today. Sad both for you and for us, as paths of Alhena and its vocalist Natalia Bassak has diverged?

Natt has introduced to the band a lot of freshness and even more smile, and her artistic contribution has had a significant impact on the path that band has followed, affecting up to what and where Alhena is now? Therefore, we wish to possibly loudly and heartily to thank her for all the work together during this period of time, having fun and creating together. We are extremely sorry for such course of events, but sometimes it happens that mundane issues and grey reality stand in the way of interesting initiatives and far-reaching plans.

Thank you Natt and we wish you a lot of successes in all the areas of life!!!!

But as it is commonly said, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Therefore, we are announcing that ALHENA is looking for a vocalist! We expect engagement, availability, skills, open mind and of course the great passion for music! The bar is set high, but we believe that soon we will meet on our way the right person who will join our ranks.

If you are energetic person meeting criteria above, let us invite you to the audition!

We want to praise on the fact that, today, 23.08.2013 we were chosen The Performer of the Day of the music service As a result, today our profile is promoted at the main site of the Service!

This is the second such distinction from the portal. Let as remind you, that the first one took place on 4.10.2012. 🙂

Therefore we want to thank Muzzo's editors for that. We also want to wish to have a nice listening to everyone who reached our music via the service!

Everything is comfirmed, so we can officially praise ourselves in what is below:

An American label Delinquent Records has invited us to take part in a compilation with rewarding title "Maidens of Metal". It will be two-discs' publishing devoted to female-fronted metal bands. The phases of the project can be constantly followed here.

The French group World of Glass Promotions has finalized the third edition of the compilation called "World of Glass".

Let us remind that it is a free, four discs' compilation, the name of which, not without the reason, refers to the cult album of the band Tristania. At the third volume, as many as sixty female-fronted metal bands from all over the world appeared, e.g. To-Mera, Sin7sins, Mytology and, of course, Alhena.

The compilation can be downloaded directly from World of Glass Promotions website.

Thanks to Tony Clifton Art Agency, we will take part in the first edition of the periodic event called 'Tony Clifton Presents'. It will be our first gig after a long, 9-months' break, which was caused by castling in Alhena's ranks, and at the same time the first gig with a new line-up!

We will give a performance with such bands as Protoplasta (ex. ISME), Fain and Second Chance. It is going to be a piece of good play, therefore we invite you on June 8th to the Estrada club in Bydgoszcz! We guarantee that for sure it will not be a waste of time!!!! 🙂


After numerous difficulties resulting in quite big delays, "Des Filles et des Riffs vol. 3". compilation is finally coming out. The list of tracks and their performers can be found >HERE<. At the same place you can also order the CD directly from its makers. Soon, through the medium of Season of Mist, the compilation will be available in shops all over the Word!

Let us remind that "Des Filles et des Riffs"a compilation consisting of 2 CDs made periodically by the French music service under the same name. A label Savage Prod. is responsible for the compilation's release, while Season of Mist for its world distribution. The aim of the undertaking is promoting rock bands with female vocal from all over the world. On the third release you can also find Alhena, next to such performers as Epica, Arkona, Nemesea, Leave?s Eyes or Stream of Passion.

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