We’d like to inform you that from today our mini-album is no longer available in a tanglible form of a CD! We have sold out everything! We have just ONE EP LEFT, but it will go to the one of you who will win a competition that we will soon announce… 😉

The EP was a kind of a door opening to the world. It let us appear for you. It was a kind of an introduction to a planned LP and it fulfilled its task exellently. We did not plan to re-edit it, however, your interest has surprised us very nicely and maybe it is worth to consider its re-edition?…

Considering that, we are announcing the following action: If we find 100 people interested in pre-ordering the EP (with pre-payment of 10 PLN, which is about $3 or ?2.5 plus shipping) till 31st August 2012, we will make more copies. Those who are interested are asked to contact us!

.: ALHENA :.

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