In the latest issue of Teraz Rock magazine (april 2024) they say about us and the SIN “Progres” awards!! 💥

Teraz Rock 4/2024 - Strona 13 Teraz Rock 4/2024 - Strona 13 - ALHENA

See you soon!! 🤘

Teraz Rock 4/2024 - COVER

.: ALHENA :.

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We, as a band, are the winners of the 3rd Piotr “Grudzień” Grudziński Poll for 2023 organized by SIN “Progres”!! ⭐️

Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - ALHENA

The aim of the poll is to recognize and honor artists of progressive rock genre 🎵🎶

The awards for 2023 also go to:

🔥 Bartosz Kazimierski, our axeman, the winner of the “Guitarist” category 🎸

🔥 Piotr Pryka, our keyboardist, the winner of the “Keyboardist” category 🎹

🔥 Maciej Tonder, our bassist, the winner of the “Bass Player” category 🎸

🔥 Piotr Grugel, our stickman, the winner of the “Drummer” category 🥁

🔥 Dominika Kapuśniak, our vocalist, the winner of the “Vocalist” category 🎤

Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Bartosz Kazimierski Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Piotr Pryka
Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Maciej Tonder Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Piotr Grugel
Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Dominika Kapusniak

SIN “Progres”, thank you for a wonderful initiative promoting the progressive rock genre and above all in memory of the late Piotr “Grudzień” Grudziński, a great musician!! You are doing an awesome job!! ❤️

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and cast their vote for us!! This means the world to us!! ❤️‍🔥

And by the way, we can now officially announce that we will be playing at this year’s 18th edition of the Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival!! ⚡️

.: ALHENA :.

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We are starting the weekend off with the fantastic news!! ?

On April, 20 we will be playing at the 3rd edition of the Spring PROG Festival at Przystanek Otwartej Kultury Kazimierz in Sosnowiec, sharing the stage with Here on Earth, proAge and Millenium!! ⚡️

Spring PROG Festival 2024

This will be an amazing day, full of the best music, unique emotions and unforgettable impressions!! ??

You just cannot miss it there! ? See you soon down the front! ?

.: ALHENA :.

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The latest issue of Teraz Rock magazine (January 2024) mentions Alhena. These few very nice and factual words were written by the editor-in-chief himself, Wiesław Weiss. THANK YOU A LOT!!! ?

TERAZ ROCK about Alhena 2024 Teraz Rock - issue cover 1.2024

We cordially invite you to read! ?

.: ALHENA :.

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Last Friday we had the honour of performing at the the legendary SBB Studio M. in Opole. To our delight, the entire pool of the tickets for the event was sold out very quickly, for which we would like to THANK YOU! 🙂 You are AMAZING!!!!!! At the same time we hope that Alhena‘s music satisfied the most discriminating tastes while ensuring that all the audience had a great time. Especially since the concert was broadcast live on Radia Opole. 🙂

ALHENA - Studio M. - Radio Opole

So we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to our presence in such a noble venue as the legendary SBB Studio M! Thank you for the awesome atmosphere, for the lovely chats, for your support and for your presence! ❤️‍??

ALHENA @ Radio Opole - Studio M. im. SBB, by Sławomir Mielnik ALHENA @ Radio Opole - Studio M. im. SBB, by Sławomir Mielnik

Photos: Sławomir Mielnik / Radio Opole

In addition, a podcast from the “Rewiry Kultury” show appeared on the Radio Opole website, during which the band gave an interview. We encourege you to listen! 🙂

See you soon at the concerts❗️ ???

.: ALHENA :.


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November 15 is special for us! On this day, our latest music video for the single “Scarlet” premiered!❤️‍??

Do you like it? ☺️ Well, WE DO!?? So we encourage you to listen ?, watch ?, share ? and leave us comments!?☺️ This means a lot!?


Help our music video reach as far as possible!!! ??


.: ALHENA :.


BTW: Music video was made by 1025 team.


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For the second time in a row we are at the top of Lista Przebojów Kultowej Akadery‘ charts! ??

Akadera - znowu pierwsze miejsce / the first place again

.: YOU ARE AMAZING!!! ❤️ :.


Of course, we encourage you to continue voting by clicking the thumbs up ? next to our “Nemesis“.

Vote for Nemesis

You can vote for your best rock song >HERE<.


Thank you very much for every vote! ❣️

And you can listen to ‘Lista Przebojów Kultowej Akadery‘ every Monday from 6:00 PM (CET) on Radio Akadera. ?

.: ALHENA :.


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Thanks to you and your votes, our Nemesis is No.1 of this week’s ‘Lista Przebojów Kultowej Akadery‘ on Radio Akadera! ??

ALHENA - 1ste place ion the charts

.: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤️ :.


Will it stay there for longer? It’s up to you! ? All you have to do is click on the thumb ? next to “Nemesis“.

Vote for Nemesis

You can vote for your best rock song >HERE<.


Thank you very much for every vote! ❣️ Let’s keep on rockin’! ?

And you can listen to ‘Lista Przebojów Kultowej Akadery‘ every Monday from 6:00 PM (CET) on Radio Akadera. ?

.: ALHENA :.


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As you know, we had the honor and pleasure to perform at this year’s edition of the Ostrow Rock Festival, opening this event. We are very pleased and happy that despite the relatively early start of the festival, so many of you came especially for our concert, filling the venue almost to the brim! This is really great support! THANK YOU A LOT!!!! ??? Such fans are a treasure! ❤️‍??

ALHENA after the gig

We would also like to thank the organizers of this event, i.e. Prog Metal Rock Promotion and Stowarzyszenie Ostrowskie Progi for inviting us. You are great and amazing! ? ??

Thank you and greetings to the teams with whom we had the opportunity to sharing the stage, i.e Riverside, Threshold, Collage, Millennium, Altesia, Disillusion, Osada Vida, Atomic Love Reactor and Face the Day!


In the meantime, keep an eye out for news from the Alhena camp, as we are currently working on some interesting things. ???

.: ALHENA :.


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Our Dominika visited Tomasz Ochota in his show “#Rozmówka z…“. ? During their discussion, topics related to the history and future of Alhena, as well as completely unrelated to the band, were discussed. ?


Rozmówka Z...


It is worth mentioning that Tomek hosted such artists as: Czesław Mozil, Andrzej Czaplewski (ATAN band), Majka Jeżowska, Renata Przemyk, Kwiat Jabłoni, ShataQS, Mery Spolsky, Bela (Sorry Boys band), Michał Wojtas & Konrad Pajek (Amarok band) and many others! ??


Dominika Kapuśniak & Tomasz Ochota


We encourage you to watch this interview with Dominika on Tomek Ochota‘s channel! ?

.: ALHENA :.


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