Thanks to you and your votes, our Nemesis is No.1 of this week’s ‘Lista Przebojów Kultowej Akadery‘ on Radio Akadera! 😱😍

ALHENA - 1ste place ion the charts

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As you know, we had the honor and pleasure to perform at this year’s edition of the Ostrow Rock Festival, opening this event. We are very pleased and happy that despite the relatively early start of the festival, so many of you came especially for our concert, filling the venue almost to the brim! This is really great support! THANK YOU A LOT!!!! ❤️‍🔥💪 Such fans are a treasure! ❤️‍😘🥰

ALHENA after the gig

We would also like to thank the organizers of this event, i.e. Prog Metal Rock Promotion and Stowarzyszenie Ostrowskie Progi for inviting us. You are great and amazing! 🤘❤️‍🔥

Thank you and greetings to the teams with whom we had the opportunity to sharing the stage, i.e Riverside, Threshold, Collage, Millennium, Altesia, Disillusion, Osada Vida, Atomic Love Reactor and Face the Day!


In the meantime, keep an eye out for news from the Alhena camp, as we are currently working on some interesting things. 👁👂😁

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Our Dominika visited Tomasz Ochota in his show “#Rozmówka z…“. 🗣 During their discussion, topics related to the history and future of Alhena, as well as completely unrelated to the band, were discussed. 😃


Rozmówka Z...


It is worth mentioning that Tomek hosted such artists as: Czesław Mozil, Andrzej Czaplewski (ATAN band), Majka Jeżowska, Renata Przemyk, Kwiat Jabłoni, ShataQS, Mery Spolsky, Bela (Sorry Boys band), Michał Wojtas & Konrad Pajek (Amarok band) and many others! 🤜🤛


Dominika Kapuśniak & Tomasz Ochota


We encourage you to watch this interview with Dominika on Tomek Ochota‘s channel! 😀

.: ALHENA :.


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For those who couldn’t tune in last Friday (28-Apr-2023) and listen to the Radek Ruciński own broadcast Muzyczne IQ on Radio WNET, a podcast from this one has just appeared. Let us invite you for a little trip back in time ⏳, as the broadcast included an interesting highlight, which was our mini-concert! 🎼😁

Radio WNET - Dominika on the balcony

Photo: Radek Rucinski

As a fun fact, we’ll reveal that the host let himself be persuaded for a small duet, so you can’t miss it! 😱😅😁😂

ALHENA - Radio WNET - after the broadcast

Photo: Radek Ruciński

Enjoy! 🤘 [Polish spoken]

.: ALHENA :.


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We are happy and proud to tell you that we appeared on the cover compilation “Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 248” of the well-known German music magazine Sonic Seducer.

The magazine is devoted to rock, metal, gothic, dark wave, industrial, electro, alternative and pop culture scenes.

On the May compilation we found ourselves alongside such artists as Monolith, Centhron, Blut Engel, Born for Bliss, Acylum, Ramchat, Mono No Aware and others.

The theme of issue 05/2023 is the upcoming album of Blut Engel – “Un:Sterblich – Our Souls Will Never Die“. Also included in this issue is an interview with Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), informations about upcoming albums of The 69 Eyes and Deathstars, the recently released new album I AM X, an interview with Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins), an interview with Moby and much more! 😱

The magazine can be purchased at the publisher’s official store, in the regular version and a limited edition with a bonus in the form of the last album of Blut Engel.

The magazine will also be available for purchase in Poland, at the Libristo.pl bookstore.

.: ALHENA :.


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We are proud and glad to present you a new issuance of the music video, from which you can get to know our Dominika.

Dominika breathed new life into the song and a brand new instrument in the form of a violin! 🙂

You can watch this music video on our YouTube channel, right >HERE<, and it really is something to hang your ear and eye on! 😉

By the way, we ask you to leave “thumbs up” 👍 and comments under the videoclip, and also to spread it in all possible media! 😀 We also encourage you to subscribe to our channel, because soon more interesting and valuable content will be published on it! 🤭😅😁

.: ALHENA :.


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We’ve had a change recently. We parted ways with Patryk Durko, who was responsible for low tones in Alhena for five years, but for various reasons decided to follow a different path.

Thank you, Patryk, for these years of our journey together!

However, we are not announcing a vacancy for the bassist, because it has already been filled. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Maciej!

Maciej Tonder

Maciej Tonder became the new bassist of Alhena!

This talented guy has already mastered all the concert material and is already eager to create new songs with us! ? We can’t wait to introduce Maciej to you live, so be sure to follow .:concerts:. section of our website and come, especially since more concert announcements are coming! ?


.: ALHENA :.


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The latest issue of Teraz Rock magazine (February 2023) mentions Alhena. These few very nice and factual words were written by the editor-in-chief himself, Wiesław Weiss. THANK YOU A LOT!!! ?

TERAZ ROCK about Alhena Teraz Rock - issue cover 2.2023

We cordially invite you to read! ?

.: ALHENA :.

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The organizer of the Ostrów Rock Festival has revealed the full line-up of the upcoming edition of this noble fest! Here it is:

Tickets for this two-day festival are now available >HERE<. We encourage you to purchase two-day passes at a price as attractive as the line-up of the event! 🙂


.: ALHENA :.

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The day has come when we can finally share some great news with you. Namely, we will play for you at the upcoming Ostrow Rock Festival (formerly Ostrow Prog Metal Rock Festival)!

The event will take place in Ostrow Wielkopolski (Poland) on July, 29-30, 2023, so on two beautiful, warm summer evenings! 🙂 Therefore, we invite you very warmly now, especially that one of the headliners of the event will be the well-known and respected by all progmetal connoisseurs, the British band Threshold, so you just CANNOT miss it! 😀!

The list of performers of this two-day event is gradually revealed by the organizer, Prog Metal Rock Promotions, so be sure to follow their social media and the festival website itself! 😉

Ticket information will be announced soon.


.: ALHENA :.

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