We, as a band, are the winners of the 3rd Piotr “Grudzień” Grudziński Poll for 2023 organized by SIN “Progres”!! ⭐️

Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - ALHENA

The aim of the poll is to recognize and honor artists of progressive rock genre 🎵🎶

The awards for 2023 also go to:

🔥 Bartosz Kazimierski, our axeman, the winner of the “Guitarist” category 🎸

🔥 Piotr Pryka, our keyboardist, the winner of the “Keyboardist” category 🎹

🔥 Maciej Tonder, our bassist, the winner of the “Bass Player” category 🎸

🔥 Piotr Grugel, our stickman, the winner of the “Drummer” category 🥁

🔥 Dominika Kapuśniak, our vocalist, the winner of the “Vocalist” category 🎤

Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Bartosz Kazimierski Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Piotr Pryka
Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Maciej Tonder Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Piotr Grugel
Piotr Grudziński plebiscite - Dominika Kapusniak

SIN “Progres”, thank you for a wonderful initiative promoting the progressive rock genre and above all in memory of the late Piotr “Grudzień” Grudziński, a great musician!! You are doing an awesome job!! ❤️

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and cast their vote for us!! This means the world to us!! ❤️‍🔥

And by the way, we can now officially announce that we will be playing at this year’s 18th edition of the Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival!! ⚡️

.: ALHENA :.

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