At the beginning, we?d like to say thank you to everyone interested in our contest which took part in it! We are very glad that the contest was so much interest. We have received a lot of feedbacks from you. Unfortunately, some of them were incorrect or uncompleted, and we?d like to recall that one of the conditions of eligibility was the correct answer to all three contest?s questions!

The correct answers are shown below.

1. Name at least one band in which present members of Alhena took part before (at least one name for each member)?

The band ALHENA counts five members. Therefore, to pass this question, each of us had to be assigned to at least one band. For example:

? Natalia Bassak ? Mindwhisper;

? Tomasz Bogulski ? Xanadu;

? Piotr Kowalski ? Sellisternium;

? Piotr Grugel ? Sellisternium;

? Tadeusz Kołecki ? Variéte.

These variants of answers are those which most easily found on the web (due to the recent and long commitment to these persons in these particular projects). However, if someone gave us another, but correct example (eg, Time of Silence in the case of Tomasz, and these answer also appear), the answer has been passed by as.

2. How many instrumental compositions and how many songs sung by Natalia are there on our EP?

This question was the most difficult, because it contains a small ?trap?, in which some of you have fallen! … 😉

On the EP there was obviously one instrumental track (Nemesis). Whereas songs sung by Natalia – zero! And only such an answer is correct and passed by us!… Songs on the album were sung by the previous vocalist, Katarzyna Dziemianowicz. Natalia took the vocalist?s place in a band ALHENA half a year later. 🙂

3. The name of the star ALHENA (from which the band’s name comes) derives from Arab ALHAN’A. In astronomy another, older name of the star existed (which also derives from Arab language). Give this name as well as the meaning of both words.

Contrary to appearances (although we admit that on purpose), this question was probably the easiest of the whole quiz, because the Internet is actually full of information on this topic. 😉

The oldest name of this star is AL-MAISAN and literally translated from Arabic means The Proudly Marching One (or ? from another dialect ? The Shining One ? we have passed both answers).

Meanwhile AL-HAN?A can be translated as The Brand on the neck of the camel (or would be The brand-mark burnt on the right side of the neck of a camel etc).

Award as the last copy of our EP receives Andrzej ?AndyS? Szućko from Nowogard. CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

A small surprise for all other participants in our fun – to leave you all good memories, we announce that to all who took part in our competition, we have a consolation prize! We hope that you will enjoy them and put a smile on your face! 😉 It was worth it to spend a few moments with the web search! 😉 Thus, once again we want to say thanks to all participants for their interest and participation in our competition!

All prizes will be sent by post!

We would also like to thank (in alphabetical order) to the following services: Artrock, Enjoy Bydgoszcz, Metal Centre, Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów, Only Good Music, ProgRock, Rivers Edge, Rock Area, Rockella for their support in the form of promoting information about our contest! We believe that thanks to them our quiz lived to see such a response from you!


.: ALHENA :.

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