We have two news for you, a good one and… a good one! 😉

Firstly, we were invited to participate in “Des filles et des riffs, vol.3“, compilation, organised by french Des filles et des riffs. We started talking about the participation somewhere at the beginning of this year, but now the conversation is done and our partake is confirmed at all!

Des filles et des riffs’s attitude is to promote rock and metal female-fronted bands. On the previous CDs there were bands such as: Tristania, Eths, To-Mera, Diablo Swing Orchestra and many more. On the thirth compilation Alhena will be placed with the bands like for instance Arkona, Stream of Passion, Leaves’ Eyes, Nemesea, and Epica! The full list of bands is here.

The compilation will be released under the label SAVAGE PROD in November 2012 and the well-known label SEASON OF MISTwill be the world distributor of this compilation!

And the second good news is we were invited to take part in another, also french compilation called “World of Glass“, which also promotes rock and metal female-fronted bands. It will be the thirth edition of this compilation (without special releases). This collection will be free, legally available on the organisers’ website.

We encourage you to make your mouths water by checking the previous volumes of the “World of Glass“compilation. List of the bands, which take part in this undertaking is here.

We still have more news for you but… …not all at once! 😉


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