From the beginning of our activity we have contacted you via profiles on social services, such as MySpace or Facebook. Both profiles served their purpose excellent, but let’s say: “How long could it be that way?”… 😉

That is why we have pleasure to announce that our Official Website is now ready! From now on it is going to be the main source of information concerning our activity. That is why we encourage everyone to use it as often as possible. Of course, our other profiles will not disappear. However, they will be of secondary importance to us.

The engine of the website came into being rather long time ago (we want to thank Mirek Kolczyński, the author, for a good job he did), but it was filled in with info in free time, which we do mot much. That made its official coming into being late. The website is still being made better, more comprehensive and full, however, we decided that it is good enough to be presented to you. All the suggestions, propositions or noticed mistakes are asked to be submitted in CONTACT section.

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