After numerous difficulties resulting in quite big delays, “Des Filles et des Riffs vol. 3“. compilation is finally coming out. The list of tracks and their performers can be found >HERE<. At the same place you can also order the CD directly from its makers. Soon, through the medium of Season of Mist, the compilation will be available in shops all over the Word!

Let us remind that “Des Filles et des Riffs“a compilation consisting of 2 CDs made periodically by the French music service under the same name. A label Savage Prod. is responsible for the compilation’s release, while Season of Mist for its world distribution. The aim of the undertaking is promoting rock bands with female vocal from all over the world. On the third release you can also find Alhena, next to such performers as Epica, Arkona, Nemesea, Leave?s Eyes or Stream of Passion.

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