This time we have good news for you! The intensive auditions ongoing for the last time, endless debates and turbulent discussions finally brought the awaited result, and our search of ?the fifth element? has finally completed and crowned with success!

With the greatest proud, joy and sincere hope for the far-reaching cooperation we are announcing that the new vocalist of the band Alhena is Marta Bejma!

At the same time we would like to thank to all candidates who have answered to our advertisement and supported us with their presence on the auditions! Thank you all for your interest in the band Alhena, for your readiness to cooperate with us and for having you so much!

So, let?s get one?s skates on, to realize the prosperity of which were under the question-mark because of the last turn of events. With a bit of luck, we will not even have to shift anything, what gives us extra gladness! Details will reveal in due time, so stay tuned to us as often as possible! 🙂

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