Recently, there have been some changes in Alhena. First of all, we said goodbye to Grzesiek. Thank you Grzegorz for playing together for almost two years, and we wish you success both in the musical and private life!

However, we would like to reassure, that concerts announced on November will be held as scheduled! There will be a guest instrumentalist with us, Jędrzej Kołecki, a young and talented bassist of Rain of Claims band.

Therefore, we announce a vacancy for the bassist! We are looking for a person with passion, loving music, flexible and likely to get involved in the life of the band. Someone who will become an integral part of Alhena, for whom Alhena will be an important part of life, as it is for us.

We invite people willing to cooperate to contact us for the purpose of the interview.

Soon there will be more news from our camp, because there are many things happening 🙂

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