We have just returned from Krakow! It was a powerful night! 🙂 We are extremely exhausted but very happy! In all this craziness, we would like to thank the organizers of ProGGnozy cycle for inviting and treating us very well, in particular, Sławek Ziemisławski and Piotr Główka! In addition, we thank the guys from The Gate, with whom we had the honor and pleasure to share the stage, Ryszard Kramarski for good word after the concert, Agnieszka Gołdyn-Grugel and Grzegorz Chorus for great photographies and of course Zaścianek Club for great technical support!

Photo: Grzegorz Chorus

But the biggest thanks go to Jędrzej Kołecki who supported us with his sound during the last two concerts supplementing incomplete Alhena lineup! THANKS MAN! THANKS A LOT!!!!

We would also like to send regards to Tadeusz Kołecki (Jędrzej’s father and – what is more important – former member of Alhena), who, on that occasion played with us “Trial” – the first song that we composed together! It was nice to play together once again and summarize a certain period in the history of the band.

We also say thank you to all fans of the progressive rock and metal, who came to the concert that evening and supported the ProGGnozy initiative with their presence! We hope we will host in this region in the future!

In the nearest future we are not planning any concerts, because we have to focus on our ongoing recording session. Time starts to urge us, and there is a lot of work to do! We will report to you our further actions, so stay tuned! 🙂

.: ALHENA :.

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