After more than a year and a half break in playing concerts, we played last Friday for Emilka and Filipek Zdeb. Formation 52 Rockers from Bydgoszcz participated with us in this event..

We are pleased that we could help our friends with our music! Therefore we want to say thanks to everyone who attended this noble initiative and supported it! From what we know, during the event funds for a monthly treatment for Emilka and Filipek have been collected. THANK YOU!

We had announced our concert entitled as “Alhena in three scenes“. It was a small surprise and at the same time a tribute from us towards all those who havebeen watching the struggle of Alhena since the beginning of its existence. “In three scenes”, because for this concert three great vocalists took part! Two of them had co-created Alhena, we are talking about Katarzyna Dziemianowicz and Natalia Bassak. The third one was Weronika Bogusz who was a guest in the event, supporting us with her voice.

Kasia, Natt, Wera, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂

We also want to thank the guys from 52 Rockers, Łukasz, Jacek i Mateusz, and the Wiatrakowa club for help in organizing the event, espacially to Tomek Harkot!We also want to thank Jacek Jaskulski for his technical assistance and our sound on the stage!


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