It’s been over a month since Halloween, but it’s worth returning to this date. It is worth it, because that day Marta and Tomasz hosted in Polish Radio PiK, taking part in the broadcast called ‘Rock Mailbox‘. The host of the broadcast, Adam Droździk, talked to them about recent events in the ranks of the band Alhena, focusing in particular on our latest release, “Breaking the Silence… …by Scream“. But it was also about the history of the band, the formation of the current composition, women in rock music and a whole bunch of side, sometimes serious, sometimes funny topics. 😉

With the kindness of Radio PiK, and in particular Adam, we can remember this memorable visit. 🙂 So, we would like to thank Radio and the host of the broadcast for the invitation and for making the podcast available, and in turn invite you to remines this program and listen to what Marta and Tomasz had to say to you (the broadcast in Polish).

.: ALHENA :.

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