Despite the pandemic downtime, we are consistently implementing a long-term plan, the results of which are successively following. So we are in a hurry to report something very important that happened some time ago. Namely, Bartosz Kazimierski joined Alhena, officially powered up our ranks as the second guitarist! 🙂


Welcome to the family, Bro!!!


Bartek is a very talented instrumentalist, and a megacool guy at the same! During the last time he introduced to the band a lot of freshness, a pinch of virtuosity, an explosion of humor and positive energy, and even a certain dose of common sense.


You will have the opportunity to meet Bartek at the next concerts of Alhena, as soon as Big Brother kindly thaws art industry. In the meantime, we are working hard on new material, as well as on the songs you know, which together with Bartek take on completely new colors! 🙂


More surprising announcements from Alhena camp coming soon, so stay tuned for our social media!


Keep Rockin’

.: ALHENA :.

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