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Due to the completion of Alhena’s line-up, we decided to prepare something for you. 🙂 As you can see, Magda, Bartek and Patryk are working hard, and this is not the end of our struggle, because soon Piotr will also join this work! 😀

It will take us a while to share the result, but… …patience. 😉

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Apparently, changes are the basis of every development. It is the same in our case! Thus, we have the honor and pleasure to introduce you to the new Alhena vocalist!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Magdalena Zach!

Magda is a charismatic singer with a real firecracker in her voice, a volcano of unbridled energy and a little devil incarnate! At the same time, she is a very nice person. From the very first moments of the audition we all knew that this is IT! We are looking forward to the first occasion to introduce Magda to you at concerts and see your shoes fall off! 😉

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Despite the pandemic downtime, we are consistently implementing a long-term plan, the results of which are successively following. So we are in a hurry to report something very important that happened some time ago. Namely, Bartosz Kazimierski joined Alhena, officially powered up our ranks as the second guitarist! 🙂


Welcome to the family, Bro!!!


Bartek is a very talented instrumentalist, and a megacool guy at the same! During the last time he introduced to the band a lot of freshness, a pinch of virtuosity, an explosion of humor and positive energy, and even a certain dose of common sense.


You will have the opportunity to meet Bartek at the next concerts of Alhena, as soon as Big Brother kindly thaws art industry. In the meantime, we are working hard on new material, as well as on the songs you know, which together with Bartek take on completely new colors! 🙂


More surprising announcements from Alhena camp coming soon, so stay tuned for our social media!


Keep Rockin’

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We are in a hurry to inform you that Alhena was included on a two-disc compilation release entitled Prog Metal Rock Compilation, vol. 1! 🙂



The premiere of the compilation takes place today! 🙂 This is the first compilation release from Prog Metal Rock Promotions label, which is already announcing more such initiatives!


The compilation includes 22 bands from all over the world, half of which are Polish artists! Yes, there is a lot going on in Poland in the matter of rock and progressive metal!



This release can be purchased at Prog Metal Rock Promotions Shop at a very attractive price! It’s really worth it!

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Everything changes, evolves, adapts and develops. Everything, all surrounding reality, the whole world around us. We decided not to lag behind and try some significant change in the Alhena’s formula, to give ourselves a chance for development, certain evolution, maybe even a small revolution! 😉


Therefore, we announce to everyone that we are looking for a second guitarist! 🙂 Someone who will bring a new energy boost and a lot of freshness to the band , who will demonstrate an alternative to our approach to creativity, but also forming a coherent whole with it.


The expectations we have from the candidate are first of all: open mind and passion for music, as well as impeccable workshop and own equipment. Availability and readiness to undertake regular rehearsals and concerts are the obvious matters.



If you are interested, please contact us at this e-mail address or via Messenger communicator.

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It is high time to share two very important pieces of information with you.

The first one is that our keyboarder and one of the Alhena co-founders, Piotr Kowalski, has decided to leave ranks of the band… 🙁


Piotr, our dear friend! Thank you with all our hearts! Thank you for a decade of common struggles, for years of working together, but also for having fun! For thousands of hours in the rehearsal room and a whole series of concerts together! And especially for all your artistic contribution, without which Alhena would not have the shape of the present, such original and unique, just alhenium! 😉 We wish you good luck in new music projects and many successes on the stage! The cooperation is over, but the great friendship continues and will last forever! 🙂



Nevertheless, the alhenian show goes on, so we announce a worthy successor, Piotr Pryka!And this is the second information!


You will have the opportunity to listen to Piotr at our incomming concerts! So for, he has delt with almost whole difficult concert set that we intend to present to you at our next gig in December. Thus, we hope for a long, fruitful cooperation and a big breath of freshness from the new blood in the ranks of Alhena!


It’s been over a month since Halloween, but it’s worth returning to this date. It is worth it, because that day Marta and Tomasz hosted in Polish Radio PiK, taking part in the broadcast called ‘Rock Mailbox‘. The host of the broadcast, Adam Droździk, talked to them about recent events in the ranks of the band Alhena, focusing in particular on our latest release, “Breaking the Silence… …by Scream“. But it was also about the history of the band, the formation of the current composition, women in rock music and a whole bunch of side, sometimes serious, sometimes funny topics. 😉

With the kindness of Radio PiK, and in particular Adam, we can remember this memorable visit. 🙂 So, we would like to thank Radio and the host of the broadcast for the invitation and for making the podcast available, and in turn invite you to remines this program and listen to what Marta and Tomasz had to say to you (the broadcast in Polish).

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The zero hour broke, so from now on our new album “Breaking the Silence… …by Scream” is available for official sale! 🙂 Orders can be made in the Around Music store, although efforts for wider distribution are ongoing.



Answering a repetitive (and valid) question: In the very near future, the album will also be available on the largest streaming services! 🙂 We will inform you as soon as all formalities related to it will be fulfilled. 😉


Meanwhile, we remind two previously released singles from this album.



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We are proud to announce the premiere of our new album! 🙂

The album was titled “Breaking the Silence… …by Scream” and will be released on October 4, 2019 by Around Music! label.



Details about the premiere (such as the possibility of purchasing the album, also in the preorder) will be published on an ongoing basis at this address.


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We are honored and pleased to introduce you to our new music video! 🙂 This is a very spectacular production that will presage the upcoming album, which will be released this semester!



And how do you like it? 🙂


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