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We are very pleased to annaunce that we will perform at this year’s edition of the Tomasz Beksiński Progressive Rock Festival in Torun. It will be the 12th edition of this festival, organized by the SIN Progres association.

Let us warmly invite you to ariive to this event, where we will perform together with the bands: Votum, Lebowski, Walfad, Starsabout, HellHaven, Ayden, Pinn Dropp, Beyond the Enemnt Horizon.

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As you know, we have recently finished working on our new album. It will take a while before the disc will be available for purchase. But ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ because this Sunday, in the mRock broadcast at Radio Elita Cafe, Agata Pawłowicz lift the veil of secrecy about upcoming album of Alhena.

You can listen to the broadcast >HERE< or >HERE<.

We encourage to listen to Agata‘s program!

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Work on the upcoming album has been completed. Therefore, we post another preview. The video is known to you, but… Anyway, listen to it yourself! 🙂

Well, how do you like it? Marta stood up to the task, what is not? 😉

As you know, work on mixing material on the forthcoming album is in progress. Everything takes place in Marcin Grzella‘s MG Studio.

In the meanwhile, we are lifting the veil of secrecy giving you this very early sneak peek. Video was made by Ian Giedrojć .

Well, how do you like it?… 🙂

Several days ago Marta stabbed the last lines of the vocal parts in the studio. And that means all the material on the upcoming album has finally been registered! 🙂 Now everything lies in the hands of our patient sound engineer, Marcin Grzella! 😉

Same, to the delight of many, Marta is re-feeding Alhena‘s ranks!

Soon the latest news of the progress of the album! Meanwhile, we return to regular rehearsals and composing the new material. It’s high time! 😉

We haven’t written for a long time again. But we are still alive, doping fine, working hard, the effects of which you will get to know soon. In the meantime, some changes took place. We farewelled Tadeusz. Well, such things happen.Thanks Tadeo for having been with us!

For some time, there were rumours concerning a young, tallented joining our band. It is high time to make things clear and officially announce that Patryk Durko joined the rhythm section of Alhena!

We are full of hope for long and fruitful cooperation with Patryk. Thus, we have serious plans connected with Patryk. First of the plans are just being fulfilled, as you will see and hear Patryk during our nearest concert! Come and enjoy!

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A lot of mundane affairs (in personal and professional areas) overwhelmed us very much, what resulting in a media silence from us. However, we not idle and in so-called ?free time? we are finishing what we started, our very delayed LP. The instrumental parts has been recorded long, long ago, and currently recording of vocal lines takes place. As evidence ? a photo from the recording studio! 🙂 As you can see, there is hard working in a sweat! 😀

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After yesterday?s gig our emotions has fallen down a bit, then we can tell several words from our own. At the beginning we wish to thank to every person who contribute to this event had place at all. Thanks to Municipal Cultural Centre in Bydgoszcz, and especially to Marek Maciejewski! Big thanks to MCK?s technical crew (Filip Pniewski and the all who we did not make it to meet better) who were equal to the task and took care about sound and lighting!

The great thanks to the bands Factor 8 and Rain of Claims who share with as the stage that evening! Wish more such gigs! 🙂

The very special thanks to Marta Bejma who supported us with her voice and personality once again! Without her our gig wouldn?t be so powerful! 😀

And the most important, the very great thanks goes to You, the audience, that supported us with your numerous presence on this event! There were more of You than declared on the social media! It doesn?t happen very often! THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS! It was the great pleasure to give the gig at that evening!!!!

With the greatest respect!

.: ALHENA :.

After more than a year and a half break in playing concerts, we played last Friday for Emilka and Filipek Zdeb. Formation 52 Rockers from Bydgoszcz participated with us in this event..

We are pleased that we could help our friends with our music! Therefore we want to say thanks to everyone who attended this noble initiative and supported it! From what we know, during the event funds for a monthly treatment for Emilka and Filipek have been collected. THANK YOU!

We had announced our concert entitled as “Alhena in three scenes“. It was a small surprise and at the same time a tribute from us towards all those who havebeen watching the struggle of Alhena since the beginning of its existence. “In three scenes”, because for this concert three great vocalists took part! Two of them had co-created Alhena, we are talking about Katarzyna Dziemianowicz and Natalia Bassak. The third one was Weronika Bogusz who was a guest in the event, supporting us with her voice.

Kasia, Natt, Wera, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂

We also want to thank the guys from 52 Rockers, Łukasz, Jacek i Mateusz, and the Wiatrakowa club for help in organizing the event, espacially to Tomek Harkot!We also want to thank Jacek Jaskulski for his technical assistance and our sound on the stage!


We are announcing that ALHENA is looking for a vocalist!

We are looking for a person who will become a part of our group as well as its face.

Instrumentarium for the brand new album has already been registered and only vocals is missing.

If you love music and think you are able to cope with the challenge, please contact us!

We require at least intermediate knowledge of English (especially in pronunciation).

Our material and style may be acquianted on the band’s website, or on the YouTube channel.

.: ALHENA :.

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